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Tyler Fairbank is an Emmy-winning cinematographer and video director, specializing in time-lapse photography techniques. His work tells captivating stories of time and place, providing a rabbit-hole journey into the interior world of a location or subject. He currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

After six years in broadcast television, Fairbank opened his creative studio
LIGHT OWL and for the last decade has been producing video work for major brands and companies across industry. His recent clients include Apple, Visa, National Geographic, LG, Disney, Showtime, Sheraton, Sun Valley Resort, Callaway Golf, PGA Tour, VaynerMedia and others. His innovative camera techniques and inventive post-production style allow for a unique look that is instantly recognizable. Classically trained in traditional film and television production, he captures scenes with raw still images and stitches them together into intricate motion sequences. His methods allow him to build video files in ultra-high resolution that provide the highest quality viewing on any size screen.

In addition to his commercial work, Fairbank is dedicated to his personal projects and pushing boundaries in the photographic medium. His works are regularly featured in photography publications and licensed for use in film, television and live display purposes. He has received the coveted Vimeo Staff Pick award for four of his short films and has been included in National Geographic's short film showcase. Many of his works have been distributed through AP and Reuters and showcased on news shows across the globe. His work has been included in multiple exhibitions at Ttukseom Museum in Korea and he was the featured time-lapse photographer at Xinhua's Photo Beijing.

After one month visiting Paris in 2016, Fairbank released a two-minute video showcasing the tourist destinations of the city. Bonjour Paris was an early work utilizing hyperlapse, a time-lapse technique where the camera moves a short distance between each individual frame providing a whirlwind perspective on each location. The film was featured on many publications including BBC, DailyMail, Guardian, Lonely Planet, Gizmodo and photography sites Petapixel and Fstoppers. It displayed at Foire de Paris 2018 and has been viewed tens of millions of times.

Fairbank has produced a long list of "flow motion" style videos where storytelling is based on seamlessly connecting one scene to the next and provides an engaging and anticipatory viewing experience. He is currently developing a new style that integrates photomontage and film compositing techniques to create large scale video works and is creating various sequences for  upcoming feature-length films.


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